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Align your people, processes, and technologies into a tightly integrated, high-performance unit that will exceed any market demand, workforce challenge, or culture change it may face.


The worldwide demand for steel, aluminum, and specialty metals is expected to grow at a rapid rate well into the next decade. Existing production assets are being equipped with advanced process technologies and new capacity expansions are underway all across the globe. Is your workforce able to keep pace with the competition? Now is the time to ask the hard questions:

  • How do I meet competitive challenges with our aging workforce?
  • Does my existing workforce have the ability to adapt to new technology?
  • How do I transfer new process technology to my line operators?
  • How will I maintain our safety and quality processes?
  • How do I prepare my workforce to be competitive in the global marketplace?

Get the answers you need from the industry leader.

GP Strategies is the metals industry’s leading full scope performance-improvement provider serving the industry’s leading metal producing companies at more than 60 production facilities across North America. As one of the industry’s most experienced performance improvement providers, GP Strategies has been addressing metals industry workforce training challenges for over two decades.

Each solution is based on the integration of your people, your processes, and your technology and may include:

Focus on the three areas that impact your business most.

Compliance, Cost, Performance; People, Processes, Technology

GP Strategies believes that successful companies are characterized by an unrelenting focus on their people, processes, and technology—three interrelated elements that directly impact your performance, cost management, and compliance objectives.

We focus on integrating these elements in a manner that is best suited to meet your unique needs. Our experience in science and engineering serves as the foundation for a true understanding of the issues that arise from changing technologies, but it’s our knowledge of training that really makes things happen. Stunning, measurable improvements in profitability and efficiency prove the value of GP Strategies’ work.

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